Coronavirus & Your Business: Let Us Help You

New & Notable | March 3, 2020

With the justifiable concerns about COVID-19 and its global impact on travel and overall commerce, it is understandable that many are rethinking their plans to attend trade shows and exhibitions.

If you decided to forego traveling to the various shows that are scheduled around the world that focus on material handling, logistics, automation, identification, and anti-counterfeiting methods, Global Automation & Identification Group can help:

  • GAIG can facilitate meetings between potential buyers and solutions providers or vendors who have missed connecting with each other.

  • GAIG can brief you about resources and solutions you missed seeing at an upcoming trade show.

  • GAIG can help plan your future events attendance, post-coronavirus.

  • GAIG can help solutions providers with a post-coronavirus marketing strategy.

  • GAIG can help solutions and components purchasers with a post-coronavirus purchase evaluation plan or RFP strategy.

Whether you are looking to acquire solutions for your manufacturing process, laboratory, or supply chain — or you are a solutions provider looking for customers — Global Automation & Identification Group can help you make up for the lost opportunities COVID-19 has caused.