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This week, we look at diffuse off axis lighting and how it is critical for direct marking, followed by some notes from our solutions partners and others. 

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It is well-recognized that proper lighting configurations are key to successful vision applications. This is the case for surface inspection as well as capturing human readable data and 1D/2D codes, particularly when directly marked. When reading marks that are created with laser or dot peen, appropriate lighting is even more critical. 

CCS has the best solution. Until now, the solution that was often selected for capturing images that are directly marked − especially with less than perfect backgrounds and often with poor contrast − would be to use a dome light or coaxial arrangement. Even for surface inspection applications these are the lighting solutions of choice. These solutions work very well for specific applications.  However, they do have drawbacks. Both dome and coaxial lighting devices are not very compact, require significant mounting arrangements, are not very flexible from one application to another, and can be rather costly. The cost is often more than the imager hardware. 

The new CCS LFXV Series of flat dome lights are industry leading. These patented lighting solutions provide flexibility in application as well as installation. Flat dome lights do not have a camera hole and are designed for imaging directly through the light.  They provide highly uniform, crisp images without a dark spot. Available in 10 sizes and 4 different colors, they address a very wide variety of requirements. When mounted close to the workpiece they recreate the effect of a Dome Light, and mounted further away, they recreate the effects of a Coaxial Light. 

The LFXV Series represents the latest innovation in diffuse lighting technology, offering high-contrast, shadow-free illumination in a compact form factor. 

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And now, some notes:  

  • With folks getting back to the office, remember to disinfect shared equipment. Aside from standard office equipment, special care should be taken to disinfect mobile and handheld barcode equipment after use. Learn more from our solutions partner, Barcom

  • Also, some questions for you from Barcom: Are the number of mobile device users in your facility increasing? Are you noticing a decrease in performance from your wireless network? Consider a site RF survey to iron out the issues.  

  • The hardware style can vary, but the muscle behind a barcode scanner or mobile app is the software. Learn more about Code Corporation’s scanning software. 

  • Read the new article from Quality Magazine: “Achieving Higher Levels of Quality Consciousness with Traceability 4.0” 

  • Will the current pandemic affect functional safety? Learn more from Omron’s experts. 

  • GlobalAutoID’s solutions partner, iTrace Technologies, has a different take on the low-cost luxury goods you find at big-box stores. 

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