New & Notable | April 21, 2020

In this edition, we cover fake stuff, rugged & robust stuff, & computationally illuminated stuff.

New & Notable is a weekly series covering the news, announcements, and product highlights of our solutions partners, as well as other companies with something new and interesting to share. Our focus is on vision, inspection, and automation solutions for the automotive, aerospace, electronics, medical, and consumer packaging industries.  

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Our solutions partner, iTrace Technologies, has been following the ongoing issues with medical supply counterfeiting occurring during the pandemic.  As a leader in anti-counterfieting and anti-grey-market, iTrace has valuable experience and insight on how companies can catch these issues in their supply chains. 

GlobalAutoID has curated iTrace’s recent posts on medical supply counterfeits. Check those posts out at

Optimize your warehouse operations with a 1-2 punch from Honeywell and our solutions partner, Barcom.  With Honeywell and Barcom products in-place together, you will improve inventory, warehouse, material handling and mobilty performance with one total solution. 

The 1-2 punch is rugged hardware from Honeywell and robust software from Barcom. 

Honeywell’s hardware solutions feature: 

  • Mobile devices designed to withstand tumbles, bumps, and drops 

  • Support for multiple users, and ease of use that lowers the bar on required device experience 

  • Shift-after-shift operation 

  • And long-life batteries 

Barcom’s transaction software solutions include: 

  • The ability to track people, inventory, and assets 

  • Control of labor hours 

  • Ability to maximize the lifespan of company property 

  • Custom software to fit your requirements 

  • And both mobile and desktop version of the software 

Barcom’s President, John Rewcastle, and VP of Sales & Marketing Dale Conerly recently delivered a presentation on Honeywell’s and Barcom’s combined solutions.  Watch that presentation and learn more about Barcom by visiting

With Illumination Systems for Computational Imaging from our solutions partner, CCS, they offer you a new way of thinking. 

Computational Imaging (CI) refers to digital image capture and processing techniques that combine computation and optical encoding. Relying on data extracted and computed from a series of input images captured under different lighting or optical conditions, CI can improve the capability of a camera or introduce new features not previously possible. By creating an output image focused on the image properties most important to a particular machine vision task, CI offers powerful advantages over traditional one-shot imaging. 

To learn more about Computational Imaging, check out the video, brochure, and white paper CCS has produced – all available at

Also, check out the 2020 General Catalog for lighting solutions from CCS, also available at

And now, some quick notes from other automation, inspection, and vision systems companies. For all referenced links and materials, visit 

  • Today and tomorrow, Balluff is hosting a virtual event on industrial automation called “Challenge: Productivity.” 

  • “Safety increases productivity. Productivity increases profitability.” Learn more about Leuze’s Safety Services Program with the PDF they have available for download. 

  • Medication errors have been identified as one of the largest safety issues in healthcare. Learn more about Nursing Point-of-Care Solutions from Code 

Closing this week’s New & Notable, a quick message from us: we’re here for you, and will be. 

There is fear and uncertainty on both sides of the buying and selling equation.  Global Automation & Identification Group wishes everybody to take to heart that we will get through this, together.  The world may be a different place after this pandemic, but it’s still a world that needs supply chains, needs manufacturers, needs entire functional industries -- and needs everybody to step up and adapt for the benefit of their customers, employees, shareholders and stakeholders. 

GlobalAutoID is working hard to anticipate where everything is heading, and navigating the changing landscape. We’re here for any business within our niches, on either side of the buying/selling equation, to share what we’re learning during this time.  And we’re available for those businesses later, if they have to pause now.  We’re here to work together now and the future, to help us all thrive in this new world, and whatever new worlds we reach. 

This has been New & Notable for April 20th.  Be sure to return next week for news and highlights from our solutions partners and other companies. 

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New & Notable is produced and presented by James D Kirk for Global Automation & Identification Group.  Thank you for your time and attention, be well, and have a successful week.