New & Notable | April 7, 2020 | Where's Your Stuff?


From Global Automation and Identification Group, this is New & Notable for Tuesday, April 7th, 2020.

New & Notable is a weekly series covering the news, announcements, and product highlights of our solutions partners, as well as other companies with something new and interesting to share. Our focus is on vision, inspection, and automation solutions for the automotive, aerospace, electronics, medical, and consumer packaging industries. 

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We start off today with a question: where’s your stuff? 

Our solutions partner, Barcom can answer that question with their software tool, transACTION. 

TransACTION was developed to help you keep track of your valuable assets, including people, inventory, and company equipment. Maintain better control of labor hours and maximize the life of company property with an application designed to save you time and money. 

A variety of modules are available to help in every area of your organization, including Inventory Control & Warehouse Management, Production Reporting, Label Printing & Compliance Labeling, Asset Tracking, Shop Floor Control, Labor Management & Time/Attendance 

This highly configurable software tool can be configured to work with your business rules and maintain the terminology and language native to your organization. 

Barcom’s software engineers can manage any level of customization you require; or, if you have an internal team, you can customize it on your own. 

With transACTION, you get the best of both worlds with a solution tailored to meet your needs — at an affordable price. 

Visit to learn more about transACTION, and all of Barcom’s solutions.  


Now, some quick notes.

On April 21st and 22nd, Balluff is hosting a virtual event on industrial automation called “Challenge: Productivity.”  25 online sessions will be presented over two-days, covering RFID, IO-Link, Condition Monitoring as well as Machine Learning and much more. Link

Available on YouTube: watch AutoBeat Group’s interview of Jeff Hall @ Omron Automation, covering innovative and scaling solutions for the automotive industry. Link

And, MHI has announced the winners of the 2020 MHI Innovation Awards.  Awards include Best New Innovation, Best Innovation of an Existing Product, and Best IT Innovation. Link


We close today with the top five business reasons to use solutions from our partner, iTRACE Technologies. 

Reason #1: Grey Market Protection 

Preventing grey market and diversion allows your retailers to maintain their margins and prevents price erosion across regions. By cutting off the grey market supply before it gets online, policing and promoting your online presence is simpler and more effective. 

Reason #2: Anti-Counterfeiting 

Identifying and removing counterfeit products from distribution protects your brand image and value, recaptures lost revenues, and prevents liability claims and loss from the failures of counterfeit products. 

Reason #3: Returns Validation 

Preventing false warranty returns from counterfeit, used or grey market products allows you to reduce your support costs, keep bad product out of the customer environment, and improve the reliability of your systems. 

Reason #4: OEM Production Control 

Product overrun and third shift issues at OEM manufacturers mean that your market could be flooded with “genuine” product, made at the same factory and using the same parts as your brand. Identifying and eliminating unauthorized product from distribution allows for recapture of lost revenue and reduced support costs. 

Reason #5: Prosecution of Violators 

Being able to uniquely identify and track each individual product or component anywhere in the world provides real evidence which your legal team can use to cut off and shut down illegitimate vendors and operations. Recapture lost revenue, reduce support costs, and reduce liability from out-of-use and counterfeit products. 

Visit to learn more about iTRACE’s solutions. 


This has been New & Notable for April 7th. Next week, you will hear about how our Solutions Partners have risen to the challenges presented by the global pandemic we are all currently facing, learn more about how GlobalAutoID can help your company deal with the new reality COVID-19 has put it in, and more. 

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New & Notable is produced by James D Kirk for Global Automation and Identification Group. Thank you so much for your time and attention, be well, and have a great day.