RFID Advantages | New & Notable | July 15, 2020


In a previous edition, we briefly discussed the use of RFID as an alternative for traditional 1D and 2D data acquisition applications. While printed codes satisfy many requirements, RFID offers some unique advantages.  

From Global Automation and Identification Group, this is New & Notable for Wednesday, July 15th, 2020.

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As we mentioned previously, in order to ensure a successful implementation that continues to perform as expected, it is critical to employ a trained and certified System Integrator or Developer. One such organization is our solutions partner, Barcom Inc.  They are one of the few recognized Developers for Zebra RFID solutions, and they are an accepted leader in the area of data acquisition for logistics, material handling, and many other applications.  

Barcom has the expertise and training to define application requirements, design the correct solution architecture, deploy the solution, provide training, and be ready and able to continue service and support after acceptance.  

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And now, a message from GlobalAutoID: Is your Supply Chain secure?  

As you may be aware, counterfeit products and product diversion results in global financial losses, each year, approaching 1 trillion dollars. This number does not include damage to brand credibility, caused by low quality products that infect the market.  

In the Automotive market, legitimate parts and components are being sold through unauthorized channels without the knowledge of the respective Brand owner.  In addition to the negative impact that these corrupt sales have on the Brand owner’s profits, the credibility and reputation of the Brand is diminished.  

Global Automation and Identification Group has over 40 years of experience in evaluating, recommending, and implementing various methods and technologies for anti-counterfeiting and anti-diversion initiatives.  We can assist your organization.  

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And closing out this week’s edition of New & Notable, some notes: 


Patient identification and medication identification are crucial safety steps in this era of Coronavirus. Code can help your healthcare system with safety steps using barcode scanning software and hardware.  

Your functional safety personnel may form productivity-impacting biases in response to the COVID-19 threat. Read Omron's white paper to learn strategies for mitigating the negative effects of these biases.  

Machine safety is really about "people safety".  Even packaging your favorite sweet snack can be dangerous without proper safeguards.  Leuze MLC safety light curtains keep the candy moving safely.

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This has been New & Notable for July 15th.  Be sure to return next week for news and highlights from our solutions partners and other companies.  

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