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New & Notable | September 23, 2020

Today & tomorrow (September 23 & 24th), David Mcauliffe will be presenting at the webinar, Lanham's Supply Chain Intensive. Learn about the latest hardware solutions for E-Ship, E-Receive, and ACE Warehousing. Webinar details can be found here. After the webinar, contact GlobalAutoID for any questions and to help facilitate your company’s next steps in taking action on improving your supply chain through innovative solutions.

Packaging Verification is crucial to getting products safely to the consumer. Packaging Verification Systems not only ensure efficiency, but also saves money from unnecessary recalls. 

When your product is round, 100% inspection is challenging.  High-Mark Systems is up to that challenge with multiple scanning and imaging options. 

Here in action is the High-Mark Systems Data Pro 6, with its set-up of six Microscan MicroHAWK Barcode Readers to cover 100% of round packaging:

Contact GlobalAutoID to learn more about High-Mark Systems and how their solutions can fit within your operation, and how they integrate with our other solutions partners and other vendors.

In case you missed it: Anti-Grey-Market and Anti-Counterfeiting Solutions for Supply Chains from Honeywell and iTRACE

Learn how Honeywell utilizes iTRACE’s 2DMI solution for real time verification, authentication and track-and-trace of printed labels.

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