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Traceability News Digest #1

Traceability News Digest #1

August 16, 2022

Traceability News Digest is a wrap-up of track & trace trending solutions and notable information, plus features from Global Automation & Identification Group & its members.

Whether you are involved in manufacturing processes, warehouse inventory control, logistics, service and support, or asset management, track and trace capabilities are critical for credible and on-time Supply Chain operations. Knowing the location of raw materials, parts and components, and finished goods, is the basis for an effective supply chain program.

GlobalAutoID Premier Member, Barcom, Inc. has been providing solutions to major companies for over 30 years.  Their expertise includes information management, software, hardware, and superior pre and post sales support. Hardware solutions are based on RFID, fixed and handheld readers, and robust portable data management systems and devices.

Barcom is a ZEBRA Premier Solution Partner, Registered ISV, and a RFID specialist. As a global leader in data capture since 1969, ZEBRA has always pushed the limits of what’s possible in tracking, traceability, and automation. Its new fixed industrial solutions and machine vision devices represent a new stage in the evolution of data capture solutions, bringing together scanning, imaging, and camera technologies with ultra-simple software to allow companies to achieve proven track-and-trace and improved quality on day one.

Learn more about Barcom Inc. and its ZEBRA-powered track and trace offerings by visiting and

Anti-counterfeiting and the diversion of products to the gray and black markets is ultimately a track and trace problem.

United States consumers purchase an estimated $100 billion dollars’ worth of counterfeit goods annually, and global counterfeit goods purchases are estimated at half a trillion dollars annually.

Counterfeit products are just not a consumer problem. Illegitimate electronics and other components are going into manufactured goods, putting device reliability, and sometimes life and human welfare, at risk.

Visit Traceability.News for links to articles from United States Customs & Border Patrol and the United States Chamber of Commerce to learn more.  And visit to learn more about the group members who specialize in anti-counterfeiting and product diversion applications, and how several of GlobalAutoID’s members have come together to create a next-generation joint marking, lighting, and secure code solution.

Quality Magazine recently published “ERP & Quality in Automotive Plastics,” describing the supply challenges the automotive industry faces after an overall $210 billion dollar loss in 2021.  

With raw material shortages amid a volatile marketplace being the new normal, automotive plastics manufacturers have to monitor their output and catch problems with increased urgency.

Visit Traceability.News to read the Quality Magazine article, as well as GlobalAutoID’s notes on how track and trace is vital for successful enterprise resource planning.

Registration for FABTECH 2022 is open.  FABTECH is North America’s largest metal forming, fabricating, welding and finishing event, returning to the Georgia World Congress Center November 8th - 10th.  Visit for more details on FABTECH & which GlobalAutoID members will be attending or exhibiting, and other upcoming trade shows, conferences, and other events that promote or inform on track and trace solutions. 

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Traceability News is produced by Global Automation & Identification Group.  This edition of Traceability News Digest was recorded by James D Kirk, and audio production was by Boldly Going Enterprises.

Traceability.Email by GlobalAutoID
GlobalAutoID: Global Automation & Identification Group
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