Barcodes or RFID? | New & Notable | June 24, 2020


This week, we ask the question, “barcodes or RFID: which one?” as well as sharing some news and announcements. 

From Global Automation and Identification Group, this is New & Notable for Wednesday, June 24th, 2020.

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Everyone is familiar with the use of barcodes, or 2D symbols, for traceability of products at the item, pallet, and container levels. Applications include material handling, production, logistics, and many others. In addition, printed machine-readable symbols are widely accepted for access control and personal identification.  

For over twenty years, as an alternative to traditional 1D and 2D codes, there has been growth in the area of RFID. Many companies, particularly the larger retailers, are looking at, or are using, RFID tags and labels to track goods at the pallet, case, and even item level.  

While there are some big advantages of implementing RFID, it is important to carefully consider the costs versus the benefits, just as with any other typical business decision. RFID may make data acquisition easier, since it does not require line of sight configuration between reader and label/tag. It can speed up scanning and reduce labor costs. For companies that utilize returnable and reusable containers and/or pallets, RFID allows those items to be tracked across the supply chain and manage those assets.  

The downsides of RFID are both technical as well as financial. RFID is susceptible to   environmental conditions. Among these, if the labels/tags are surrounded by considerable metal or liquid, multiple types of system configuration may be required. Considerations can also be financial. The cost of RFID labels/tags are still significantly higher than traditional methods.  

In addition, equipment, installation, and implementation and system support may be much more than 1D and 2D solutions.  

There are clear advantages for both 1D/2D and RFID solutions. To determine the best solution for your particular requirements, engage the services of experts. Barcom, Inc. has been a leader in data acquisition and management for over 25 years. They have a professional team of software, hardware, and application experts that are experienced and ready to provide the most successful and cost-effective solutions. Before you make any decisions, contact us at and learn more about Barcom at  

And now, some news and announcements:  

  • This week, CodeREADr completed the integration of solution partner iTRACE’s 2DMI anti-counterfeit and anti-diversion technology into their mobile apps for iOS and Android. This integration enables a whole new suite of applications for manufacturers looking to control counterfeit and diversion of their products.  Check out the blog and video. 

  • Whether palm-held or handled, Code Corporation's ergonomic designs make it easier and more comfortable to manage scanning tasks. See how they can help you make barcode scanning better for your organization.  

  • To improve operating expenditure and increase productivity of sites, Omron Automation and Docomo are partnering with Nokia to test 5G. This will help reshape Manufacturing for the Industry 4.0 era. 

  • The best-selling book, Supply Chain Management For Dummies, is currently available on Amazon for 30% off. Written by “Mister Supply Chain” Daniel Stanton, the book helps you connect the dots between things like purchasing, logistics, and operations to see how the big picture is affected by seemingly isolated inefficiencies.   

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