Get Help, Get in the Cloud, and Get Around Packaging | New & Notable | May 27, 2020


This week, we visit solutions partner Barcom in the cloud, we watch how solutions partner High-Mark Systems gets around packages, followed by some brief notes from other companies.

From Global Automation and Identification Group, this is New & Notable for Wednesday, May 27th, 2020.    

New & Notable is a weekly series covering the news, announcements, and product highlights of our solutions partners, as well as other companies with something new and interesting to share. Our focus is on vision, inspection, and automation solutions for the automotive, aerospace, electronics, medical, and consumer packaging industries.    

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First, a brief message from us.

The global pandemic continues, the world is learning how to keep going on, and companies are working to evolve under new rules and within a shaky economy. 

The evolution companies must take on involves looking at the world differently, looking at their customer base and partnerships differently, and seeking out new opportunities that are waiting to be found. 

GlobalAutoID can help. We can help you assess the current business landscape, review your strengths and weaknesses, and help point you in the direction of new opportunities and new connections. 

Contact us via to get started. 

Thinking of moving your systems to the cloud? 

With the popularity of hosting for their transACTION clients, Barcom is now extending hosting services for organizations interested in moving their on-premise server to the cloud. 

Barcom offers convenient monthly billing that makes budgeting and planning easy. You pick the billing options that works best for you and your budget.  

Barcom’s team of industry experts are available to answer your questions and provide support, day or night. Visit their support page and submit a request, and a technical engineer will respond to your inquiry within 1 hour. 

Barcom offers primary & secondary storage, and primary storage is SSD optimized to provide fast, reliable speed for sending and receiving data to and from the server.   

And, one of the major benefits of cloud servers is that you can scale up or down easily and instantly. When you experience fluctuations in your business, Barcom has the ability to accommodate your needs. They can increase your cloud server’s dedicated resources at any time in seconds. 

To learn more about Barcom, their cloud hosting service, and all of their other offerings, visit 

Inspect 100% of your production. Packaging Verification is crucial to getting products safely to the consumer. Packaging Verification Systems not only ensure efficiency, but also saves money from unnecessary recalls. 

When your product is round, 100% inspection is challenging.  High-Mark Systems is up to that challenge with multiple scanning and imaging options. 

Visit to learn more, including a video demonstration of the High-Mark Systems Data Pro 6, with its set-up of six Microscan MicroHAWK Barcode Readers to cover 100% of round packaging. 

And now, some brief notes.

  • With over 30 years of Safety Laser Scanner experience, Leuze offers a technologically advanced safety scanner that is user friendly. 

  • Cut your traceability costs with laser markers. Learn more from Keyence

  • Why is green industrial LED task lighting a superior solution for detecting surface imperfections on manufacturing materials? Banner Engineering has the answer. 

  • Code Corporation is actively looking to fill several key positions, including Senior Firmware Engineer, Process Engineer, and Warehouse & Receiving Lead 

This has been New & Notable for May 27th.  Be sure to return next week for news and highlights from our solutions partners and other companies.   

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New & Notable is produced and presented by James D Kirk for Global Automation & Identification Group.  Thank you for your time and attention, be well, and have a successful week.