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From Global Automation and Identification Group, this is New & Notable for Tuesday, April 28th, 2020.  

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This week, we are highlighting our solutions partner, High-Mark Systems. 
High-Mark Systems provides industrial machining and fabrication of the highest quality for auto labeling, auto ID, and vision systems. 

High-Mark offers the latest in industrial marking technology. 

For small character marking, High-Mark's continuous inkjet technology meets the demands of high-speed and fast-dry ink. It is also suitable for a wide variety of substrates as well as printing bar codes and logos. 

For large character, their drop-on-demand technology offers a rugged and reliable way to print information on many industrial substrates, including lumber, steel, plastics, fiberglass and a variety of package substrates. 

And for high resolution marking, High-Mark's thermal inkjet and "Piezo" technologies offer the ability to print text, bar codes and graphics across a large area on a package or substrate with resolution up to 600 dots per inch. 

High-Mark Systems' ink varieties for marking include non-porous, porous, and UV curable. 

  • The non-porous ink is fast-drying, solvent-based inks offer good adhesion to almost any substrate. 

  • The porous ink is environmentally-friendly water-, glycol- and oil-based inks that are low maintenance for printing on porous surfaces. 

  • And, ultraviolet radiation curable inks offer a safe and low-maintenance ink that adheres to virtually any substrate when cured with a UV lamp. 

From semi-automatic to fully customized automatic labeling systems, High-Mark Systems can find a solution for you. Label applicators, print and apply labelers, along with a variety of other custom labeling solutions, are available with the highest level of reliability. 

High-Mark offers ongoing support for all supplies and services, and a variety of high-performance labels and ribbons to meet your specific needs. 

For Auto ID and vision systems, you must ensure you have quality in every step of your process. High-Mark Systems can identify defects efficiently, verify and collect data, track and trace, and provide quality-related information for any part, label or package. Their experience and innovation can help integrate a solution into your existing processes. 

Whether it’s simple or complex, High-Mark can provide solutions for a variety of industries, including food and beverage, medical device, automotive, electronics, and general manufacturing.  Those solutions include three lines of package verification systems: 

  • The 9800 series is an auto ID packaging verification system with LCD keypad 

  • The Data Pro LT series Color touch screen with camera images shown for individual inspections 

  • And the Data Pro 2 series Color touch screen for up to two independent inspections, with camera images shown for individual inspections for each camera. 

All packaging verification systems by High-Mark are stand-alone with dry contact relay for Machine Stop Interface. 

High-Mark Systems has more than 40 years of experience, providing solutions and service to customers all across North America. Their team is committed to responsive and knowledgeable service, and stand behind and support all of their products to meet and exceed their customers’ needs.  

High Standards plus High Performance equals High-Mark.

GlobalAutoID is proud to have High-Mark Systems as a solutions partner.  To learn more about High-Mark and their products and services, visit GlobalAutoID.com/highmark 

This has been New & Notable for April 28th.  Be sure to return next week for news and highlights from our solutions partners and other companies. 

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